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Motif Study


YAZHI ~ யாளி

YAZHI is a ancient animal / Mythological animal which is mostly seen in the South Indian temples. Which has elephants trunk, lions body and horses legs. Which we commonly use this motifs in the saree borders and pallu.

HORSE ~ குதிரை


Horse and it’s foal is also a traditional motifs which we use in the pallu and borders. Sometimes we have done a horse buttas all over the body.



Yea we all know elephants is a very commonly used motifs in our Chettinad sarees. The bold and strong animal which used in the border and buttas.

PARROTS ~ கிளி

Parrots are very traditional for it look and style. In the above design three parrots with turned head inside a paisley motifs.

ANNAPAKSHI ~ அன்னப்பட்சி

Yeaa annapakshi we all know !!! A every green hot selling motifs of Chettinad designs. We can see annapakshi motifs almost in all sarees, 1000 buttas saree is a blockbuster with this motifs. It is also a ancient bird which has a ability to separate water from the milk and drink the milk alone by leaving the water.

PEACOCKS ~ மயில்

Peacock yea ! Our national bird, colour full bird know for its rich colours of blue, green in the body,the peacock green blue (mayil kaluthu colour is always a hit).

DEER ~ மான்

Spotted deer is a animal seen in our vanasingaram saree and in saree borders. 

PEACOCK EYES ~ மயில் கண்

Very traditional vintage style design looks like peacock eye used in the borders for both cotton and silk saree, some people prefer this border saree for the wedding brides.

TREE ~ மரம்

Tree motifs are weaved as a buttas in the saree. This tree is also know a kalpagavrikasham - a tree of fortune. There is a childhood story of this tree that, what ever we ask to this tree it will give us.

THALAMBOO ~ தாழம்பூ

It is kind of flower very famous for its rich odour. This motifs is used in all thalamboo korvai saree and thalamboo woven borders.

TEMPLE ~ கோபுரம்

Tradition and very ancient motifs of Chettinad a temple border. Every one definitely having a silk saree with a temple motifs.

ARAI MAADAM ~ அரை மாடம்

The half diamond pattern woven in the borders is traditionally called as arai madam.

PAISLEY ~ மாங்காய்

Traditional and vintage mango motifs which we weave in the borders, pallu and even in buttas.


A two headed bird and a national symbol of Karnataka. It is also a mythological bird. There is a lot  of painting of this bird which is capable of carrying six elephants.

THUTHRIPOO ~ துத்திரிப்பூ


It is small flower with four petals. The X type of motifs inside a circle.

RUDURAKASHAM ~ ருத்ராட்சம்

It is also called a chackaram a round woven weave looks like a coin mostly seen in 1000 buttas saress. And used to weave in the retta pett borders.

SEEP REEK ~ சீப் ரேக்

The olden day traditional wooden comb is called seep. Usually the similar motif of reek is woven in the pallu of the sarees.

THILAGAM ~ திலகம்

ALL women used to keep kum kum (Pottu) in fore head, that motif is called as Thilagam.

KOLAM ~ கோலம்


The kolam motifs is very traditionally weaved in the silk and cotton sarees as buttas or in the border.

UNICORN ~ பறக்கும் குதிரை

Horse with wings is very traditional motifs woven in the pallu of our saree.

RAIN DROPS ~ மல்லி மொட்டு

Woven buttas which look like a rain drops usually weaved as a buttas all over the body called as malli mottu.